DDOS Protection Services

Today’s global, digital driven business world has been exposed to a new type of attack capable of rendering even the most hardened, secure systems vulnerable. These Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attacks are not restricted to a specific industry or location but can occur without warning, bringing down systems and servers on and off the Internet. Specific websites and even the Internet itself are not immune.

Hackers and activists trained in cyber terrorism are not concerned about the economic losses associated with these acts. They thrive on crippling networks and enterprises.

Dealing with these DDOS attacks demands a strong partner.  Cira InfoTech answers the call with a Network Operations Center staffed 24X7 with experts prepared to minimize your risk and exposure to these attacks.

24/7 Managed DDOS Protection Services

Ensuring your network is protected through a comprehensive set of services, delivered by experts in security, Cira InfoTech offers:
  • Early Detection – By monitoring network elements, you are able to quickly track and mitigate possible signs or indicators predicting a DDOS attack, permitting data disruption.
  • Swift Diversion – Averting data intended to disrupt a specific device is part of the key protection service.
  • Data Verification - Cira InfoTech evaluates traffic to specify data and good data packets to separate and trap malicious traffic from impacting system operation.
  • Continuous Forwarding – Leverage our state-of-the-art capabilities, we help you permit wanted traffic or good data through the system in order to allow critical business functions to continue uninterrupted.

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