Infrastructure Security


Delivering exceptional security starts an understanding of business goals in order to prepare compliance roadmaps and risk assessments which isolate costs of exposure and controls. Cira InfoTech's secure infrastructure solutions allow IT managers to minimize security risks across the entire network. Knowing your vulnerabilities and improving infrastructures can make the difference in proactively preparing for any outage or disaster.

Our comprehensive set of infrastructure security services apply industry principles to mitigate potential security exposures occurring via cyber-attacks in enterprises across the globe.


Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning

Helping you stay ahead of both internal threats to your business and external threats that are hard to control, our Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity Planning service allows you to develop a plan for recovery of infrastructure elements during downtime or disastrous events.

Infrastructure Risk Assessment

Identification, assessment, and prioritization of risks within your infrastructure are clearly documented along with recommended solutions for managing exposures as part of our Infrastructure Risk Assessment service.

Infrastructure Security Architecture

Our Infrastructure Security Architecture service generates the design that depicts the purpose of critical security controls.

Infrastructure Security Planning

A comprehensive security plan includes developing security policies and documenting explicit security specifications as provided by our Infrastructure Security Planning service.

Managed Services

Services offered within managed services practice includes:

Protecting your valuable infrastructure assets demand a partner with strong knowledge and experience in securing complex networks. Our broad set of managed services has protected enterprises across the globe, allowing them to focus on business goals knowing their infrastructure is secure.

Network Vulnerability Assessment

By conducting network vulnerability assessments, Cira InfoTech is able to expose concerns within your network’s security to minimize the threat of outages. Through a decade of experience and business understanding our infrastructure security specialists work hand in hand with your IT staff to ensure your systems and operations are safe.

Secure Compliance Roadmaps

Working side by side with clients, Cira InfoTech’s Secure Compliance Roadmaps service identifies specific business objectives for each project and creates compliance plans and risk assessments that document potential overheads of exposed weaknesses.

Secure Internet Gateway Assessment

Our Secure Internet Gateway Assessment helps to stop attacks from web-based threats and manage web access across the enterprise at the Internet gateway point.

Security Operations Center

Cira InfoTech’s Operations Center minimizes on-going security weaknesses and safeguards more effective resource operation. Our operations center contains state-of-the-art infrastructure, specialized security experts, and an expansive framework that ensures system availability and regulatory compliance. Each project is clearly defined to match business targets and backed by risk assessments and compliance Roadmaps for complete control.

Cira InfoTech's security services encompass multiple aspects including network risk management and Internet gateway assessments. Associated services are also offered spanning architecture, continuity planning, compliance related services and vulnerability assessment to keep your operations as secure as possible.

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