Intrusion Detection Services

Continuous risk of cyber-attacks brings about a need for IT staff to be armed with state-of-the-art tools and services to protect the enterprise.

Breaches in security can cause massive damage to an enterprise. Financial losses, reputation, image, and brand are all threatened by just a single lapse in security. Overcoming this risk is paramount to continuous business operation. Rather than investing in countless security products, innovative IT organizations have recognized that minimizing these security breaches demands risk management tools and decision support systems backed by intrusion detection experts. Cira InfoTech’s intrusion detection service utilizes Alert Logic’s Threat manager united with 24x7 monitoring by our IDS specialists to deliver unbeatable protection in the face of unwanted network attacks

Cira InfoTech's Intrusion Detection Services offer wide-ranging managed intrusion support via the following services:

Automated IDS Analysis

Our flexible solutions incorporate cohesive attack detection and vulnerability assessment.

Accurate Identification of Risk

No need to chase false alarms by leveraging Cira InfoTech’s automated analysis.  Systems detect only events that require action allowing you to minimize resource disruption.  Threat levels are recorded and dynamically analyzed to ensure network threat management.

Valuable Ongoing Support for Smooth Workflow and Peace Of Mind

Applying our team of IDS specialists, your network is protected by a customized service operating 24x7.

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