Two Factor Authentication

Protecting passwords is a critical aspect to overall system security.  Adding second factor authentication considerably improves system security by eliminating access by unauthorized users.

Cira InfoTech's Two-factor Authentication service merges traditional password authentication with a second factor, certificate authentication. Access to systems occurs after both first and second factor passwords have been authenticated properly.

Given today’s explosive growth in remote and mobile computing, securing your network takes unparalleled expertise and tools. Cira InfoTech’s CISSP certified security experts are ready to map out the right plan to secure your IT and business assets. Specialists take you from initial planning to full implementation in order to properly test that authorized users are the only ones cleared for access.

Leveraging three key factors to authenticate users:

  • Something known – including personal identification number or password
  • Something held – including a credit or debit card or security token.
  • Something identifiable – including fingerprints

Passwords continue to be constantly exposed to illegal techniques such as viruses and spyware.  Cira InfoTech’s authentication solution necessitates two of the three factors to secure authentication.

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