Our Approach

By applying automation and innovation to our outcome-based approach, Cira InfoTech has consistently supported our clients to align IT and strategic business goals and reduce costs which allows them to unlock new growth potential.

Industrialized Service Delivery

Transform and optimize your IT infrastructure to achieve consistent IT service levels, predictable outcomes, and minimal disruption to IT teams through Cira InfoTech’s industrialized service delivery.

Our global facilities, exceptional processes, automated tools, specialized analytics, and highly skilled domain experts have been exceeding the needs of enterprise clients for over 10 years through Cira InfoTech’s broad portfolio of services. Proven solutions have been deployed in enterprises of all sizes and industries, delivering predictability and reducing downtime while concurrently reducing costs. Cira InfoTech has partnered with leading technology players across key work streams to allow clients to integrate existing systems or leverage the latest technology for top performance.

Outcome-Based Approach

Outsourcing initially centered on cost reduction, leveraging economies of scale and service consolidation. Off shoring drove further efficiencies with labor rates and location playing a pivotal role in delivering substantial cost savings to clients. Today, advances in automation and as-a-service business models are changing the outsourcing model from a cost reduction move to one that generates business value for the enterprise. Measuring uptime has been replaced by outcome-based metrics including shortened time to market or increased customer satisfaction. Leading providers are incorporating automation, data analytics, and other cutting edge techniques to be able to offer new outcome-based business and pricing models.

Cira InfoTech has established this outcome-based viewpoint in its processes and structure that integrates knowledge from 10 years of service excellence.


Although remote management of IT operations has revolutionized the ability to quickly isolate and resolve numerous IT issues, the proliferation of technologies and platforms has increased the complexity of today’s IT infrastructure. Sophisticated and specialized tools have been deployed across the enterprise to support the remote delivery model contributing to this complexity.

Successfully monitoring and managing end-to-end IT services demands a sophisticated IT Service Management platform capable of identifying physical device management from service management. IT Service Management encompasses all devices and ITIL processes and systematic orchestration of these processes to ensure that reliable IT services are delivered to users. Cira InfoTech’s extensive, proprietary service management platform, Smart Center, incorporates automation to be able to effortlessly manage numerous diverse IT services commonly deployed by large global enterprises.

Co-Created Transformation

Mobile workforce, remote computing, and videoconferencing are driving a digital tsunami with IT organizations responding by leveraging new infrastructure alternatives including cloud computing and virtualization. These strategic transformation initiatives are taking center stage while mature IT sourcing practices remain unchanged, focused on achieving cost optimization rather than supporting strategic business objectives. Innovative enterprises and IT leaders recognize the need to collaborate in new ways with trusted partners who are specialists in their respective areas and can be counted on to create business value from these strategic initiatives.

By working side by side with enterprises of all sizes in diverse industry segments, Cira InfoTech has become a trusted partner helping enterprises modernize their infrastructure and implement innovative solutions.


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