Professional Security Services

Today’s innovative IT leaders have recognized the need to align IT and business objectives. CIOs are teaming with other C-Suite Executives and building new strategic partnerships in order to ensure legacy IT and emerging technologies support critical business needs. At Cira InfoTech, we have experts dedicated to helping you meet these needs and adjust your transaction oriented approach to an agile, flexible service oriented architecture. Enterprises around the globe are realizing tangible benefits from our forward thinking leadership. They appreciate the rigorous consulting practices, which designed the appropriate infrastructure technology and services effectively meeting ongoing business demands.


IT Asset and Financial Management

Significant cost reduction and improved control of IT infrastructure can be achieved through best-in-class asset and financial management. Risk mitigation, documentation and change control, inventory control, loss detection, and standardization are the cornerstone of Cira InfoTech’s IT Asset and Financial Management services.

IT Governance

Innovative IT organizations are adopting new governance models to address today’s digital transformation and improve overall IT management. Our services support strategic decision-making and will assist you in connecting IT investments to business objectives.

IT Service Management

Providing the right applications at the right time is the expectation of today’s application dependent workforce. Ensuring your IT infrastructure supports the need for always available services can be a time-consuming, costly responsibility. Cira InfoTech’s IT Service Management leverages a process-oriented approach to identify and solve complications proactively. Our services consistently decrease incident volume by an average of 10% and cut downtime of significant services by as much as 50%.

As budgets continue to tighten, skilled resources shrink, and IT demands increase, IT executives need to look beyond existing internal staff to address everyday business demands. By outsourcing infrastructure services with Cira InfoTech, you can refocus efforts to strategic projects which support enterprise business growth.


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