Remote Infrastructure Management

Our Remote Infrastructure Management portfolio is cornerstone to our robust managed services. Our service offerings provide capability to monitor all IP-enabled devices and critical network processes. Additionally, our services shorten issue resolution allowing staff to shift efforts to strategic projects.


Global Delivery

With operation centers in the U.S. and India, our elastic delivery model augments resources and adjusts delivery options to best meet the needs of your organization. 24/7 remote monitoring services are backed by Cira InfoTech’s integrated technology platform. Abundant centers guarantee security, consistency, and reliability helping make location independence possible regardless of the services required.

Operations Maturity Model

Our operations maturity model takes raw data from Cira InfoTech’s remote infrastructure monitoring service and converts it into meaningful metrics and reports that support your quality improvement plans. Using an ITIL-based operational framework, the model draws from more than 40 indices to constantly measure delivery, technology, and automation. Detailed results reports contain critical metrics to keep you informed on performance from your organization and ours. With Six Sigma certification at the center of the service, clients can be confident that measurements are clear and support continuous process improvement targets.

Remote Monitoring Framework

Our clients have experienced typical cost savings of 30-60% by adopting Cira InfoTech’s Remote Monitoring Framework. Additionally, experienced SLA-based services, full automation, well-seasoned processes, discriminating sourcing, and comprehensive metrics yield reliable and predictable results. You make the call on what equipment and service is managed.

The modularity of our service delivery options provide vital business benefits including:

Pre-packaged, flexible solutions allow clients to gather each deliverable individually and organize services that match their unique environment.

Successful service deployment starts by outlining, producing, and testing the facilities and supported products so activation is simple and smooth throughout all our delivery models. Additionally, we incorporate and maintain each service in our ESM platform architectures, ITIL operational procedures, and run books. We understand that no two enterprises are the same, and have built in pre-defined services at specific task levels to allow you to customize services to your business goals.

By taking a customized approach, every client is able to deploy a unique set of services that match the needs of their specific business.


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