Network & Convergence

Bandwidth demands have continued to increase as businesses call for convergence of voice, video, and computing. Keeping up the growth of devices and the unending desire for interactive apps demands IT leaders transform their legacy networks to a dynamic, elastic network. Cira InfoTech provides services that allow you to maintain and adjust your infrastructure dynamically to reduce costs and improve responsiveness.


Convergence Services Overview

Few organizations can afford to manage separate storage networks which are not fully utilized. Recognizing that business needs are continually changings, our virtual network experts can assist you in future-proofing your IT infrastructure. By applying industry standards and flexible distribution of resources your network will operate at peak performance and deliver services as cost effectively as possible.

Our broad portfolio of services covers every aspect of today’s most complex converged network infrastructure.

Managed Services

Managed services can deliver much more than cost savings. Simplification of operation saves time and money, which can be reallocated to more strategic business needs. Storage elements and other devices can be replaced by a managed service facilitating the ability to respond to short term peaks and valleys quickly and easily. As needs change, your IT infrastructure will be well prepared to respond.

Cira InfoTech’s specialists in network management and convergence concentrate in the following services:

Network Virtualization

Cira InfoTech’s network virtualization service offers an eco-friendly, efficient infrastructure.

Unified Communications

Today’s always connected, always on workforce demands a state-of-the-art real-time messaging service to link global organizations and provide location and presence details via unified network communications. Keeping people, places, products connected is our mission.

Unified Network Management

Network management is a key component to your operation. Ensuring your networks, both wireless and wireline, are highly secure is the focus of our UNM service.

Capacity Planning and Performance

Cira InfoTech delivers services that measure and regulate the overall capacity of the IT infrastructure to meet the growing demands of the business. Understanding the cost pressures that impact every organization, improving cost effectiveness is one of the top targets of our service. Intermittent performance assessments are also conducted for systems within the network.

LAN/WAN Architecture

Through our LAN /WAN Architecture services, you can expect custom design service that supports your need to improve performance of your IT infrastructure.


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