Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS)

IAAS – Delivering Value to the Enterprise

CEOs and CIOs are continuously charged with providing critical business services and innovative IT functionality while at the same time controlling or reducing costs to the enterprise. Organizational units within the business can no longer wait for IT resources to become available to respond to their technology needs. These groups have discovered an effective alternative approach to internal business IT services: Software as a Service (SaaS). With this option now being embraced by organizations within the business many CIOs are struggling to remain proactive and are beginning to leverage cloud computing and IT-as-a-Service (ITaaS) within the enterprise.

Utilizing the SaaS model business units can achieve speed to value that may not be possible with a traditional IT approach. Limited technical resources and requests for capital hinder business agility and responsiveness that organizations require to keep pace with technology and customer demands. Adoption of Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IAAS) completes the transition through partnering with a reliable business partner to fully manage the IT environment including computing facilities, technical hardware, network environment, security, and applications.

Business transformation to an IAAS/ITaaS model introduces a new methodology that provides many advantages throughout the enterprise:

Cost Reduction and control – Partnering with industry experts that provide technical services and complete computing infrastructure transitions the capital expense of purchasing, maintaining, and upgrading the environment to the service provider. Requirements for hiring and continuous training of technical resources are greatly reduced if not completely eliminated. Your IAAS provider essentially can become your IT organization. Cloud computing includes multi-tenancy that spreads the cost of IT infrastructure across multiple clients further reducing the cost of monitoring and managing the environment for each business customer. This “pay-as-you-go” approach provides a higher level of control over IT costs for the enterprise.

Responsiveness – IAAS vendors have the resources needed to respond to the needs of the enterprise and individual business units. This provides clients with a single integrated user experience for both business units and internal IT staff. IAAS delivers value that can be realized quickly and consistently.

Business Agility – Integration of additional functionality, expansion of storage needs, and increased computing power can be added as needed with minimal integration impact. Often such changes to infrastructure environments can be accomplished in real time with minimal or no business disruption. This eliminates procurement lead times and provides significant improvements in response to business units.

Greener IT – Most enterprises today are concerned with the environmental impact generated by their operations. Planning for future business computing needs typically means that companies overprovision their IT facilities by 100% or more to allow for expanding requirements. With IAAS that need is eliminated due to the inherent agility and flexibility to add resources as needed. This makes cloud computing energy-efficient due to its scalability and virtualized infrastructure.

Security – Cloud computing has matured considerably providing adopters of the technology with highly secure environments that provide reliability, privacy of all assets, and compliance with all governance concerns. IAAS providers manage the security of your environment without the need for in-house technical security resources.

IAAS from Cira InfoTech

Cira InfoTech’s IAAS platform delivers true business value quickly and cost-effectively to businesses of all sizes. Our team of professionals is adept at helping IT organizations transform their business to the ITaaS model. Our approach is to think big but start small. We will facilitate the entire virtualization journey from identifying the appropriate workloads that address the needs of your business units to a successful transition to the cloud.

Through our single integrated user experience methodology Cira InfoTech provides reusable connectivity providing one seamless platform. This results in a low impact migration with a common look and feel between your existing platforms and your cloud-based services.

Cira InfoTech’s cloud is deployed on a high-availability resilient and redundant infrastructure to provide clients with reliable 24×7 operations. Our environment supports clients’ requirements for data protection and privacy initiatives that are aligned with privacy legislation in major North American and European markets.

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